Way To Grow! Gardens is...


Tarsila, a little weird and a little silly. She loves trees and the smell of wet soil! Every spring she's amazed by the fact that the combination of tiny seeds, healthy soil, sun, water and hard work produces amazing FOOD! 


Jason, a bit of a bookworm and a total sucker for cats! His favourite part about farming is being able to work outdoors and grow beautiful vegetables!  When he's not busy farming he's usually studying Icelandic/Old Norse or reading Icelandic literature.

Together we decided to leave the fast pace of the city in pursuit of accomplishing something more meaningful with our lives.  As we both love food and nature, learning about organic farming made sense. In 2015 we embarked on a year-long internship where we learned everything we could. It was a life-changing experience and we soon realized there was nothing else we would rather do. At the end of the year, through the crazy happenings of the Universe, we came across a piece of land perfect for us to start up our own market garden and so we began Way To Grow! Gardens. We farmed at this location for two season and were met with nothing but support! At the end of 2017 we made the difficult decision to take a hiatus and pursue other farming opportunities to advance us in our goal of someday owning our own land. We are excited for what the future may bring and hope to continue providing great food to our community while taking care of the Earth that sustains us all.