Our farm is a parcel of a sustainable garlic farm, run by Audrey Bayens.  The garlic plots are rotated, and some left fallow, to avoid continually growing the same vegetable on the same plot.  Doing this prevents build-up of diseases and doesn't continually deplete the soil of the same nutrients by the same crop year after year.  Crop rotation is a key technique of sustainable farming!  But rather than simply leaving these plots empty or cover-cropping them, we will be turning them into a productive mixed vegetable market garden! 

The soil is the most important part of a farm.  To continue to improve its health, we will be following sound ecological practices, such as:

  • Growing a wide variety of vegetables and never growing the same thing in the same place twice.

  • Using no synthetic fertilizers. Our soil will be taken care of with compost and organic mineral fertilizers to replace the nutrients the crops take up and those that we know our soil needs help with.    

  • Using no pesticides. Insect pressure is controlled through crop rotation and physical means such as floating row cover or old-fashioned picking them off by hand.

  • Using no herbicides.  All our soil preparation and cultivation will be done with simple hand tools.  We want to disturb the activity and structure of the living soil as little as possible.

If you're interested in following our progress and our process, check out our blog where we will be documenting all that we do.